Positions Available

PhD and Postdoctoral Positions

We are looking for highly motivated PhD students and Postdoctoral fellows to investigate the principles underlying the functional organization of the thalamo-cortical system. Two positions are available.

1. Computational modeling: This position will focus on developing computational models to better understand the mechanisms that give rise to the topographic organization of visual cortex, including our recent finding showing a central role of darks in the organization of visual cortex (Kremkow et al. 2016).

2. In vivo: This position will involve in vivo experiments in awake animals (Zhao, Kremkow and Poulet 2016) using cutting edge multi-electrode recordings techniques, e.g. Neuropixels probes. The goal is to better understand the functional architecture of the visual thalamo-cortical circuits on the cell-type specific level.

Interested applicants should send a statement about research experience and career goals, a CV and contact information of 2-3 referees to jens.kremkow@charite.de. Please indicate in your application for which position you apply.